RIVET srl company

40 years Experience and Professionalism

Rivet srl, leader company in the production of any kind of table, writing desks and equipped bearing planes, has always given its customers a strong image, associated with the high quality value of its products.

The company is characterised by a great versatility and a remarkable production capacity, it counts on a technically experienced staff, with high handcraft skills, that pays much attention on the quality control of the product before the packaging, and boasts a highly technological machinery inventory, which allows to deal with the various market demands. Rivet srl has its head office in the industrial area of San Germano in Pesaro (PU), in the Marche region, and is a national point of reference for the production of every kind of table.

Thanks to the creativity of its founding partners and to an Engineering office made of experts that can follow the work from the very first planning to the final production, for 40 years the company has been realising and actualizing the ambitions of its own clients, by succeeding in interpreting the most demanding requests and by offering good solutions for the needs of anybody.